A heavily downtuned two-piece Doom/Sludge/Drone abomination hailing from Kiel/Northern Germany.

2 guys, 4 amps and the urge to create a slightly gnarly, suffocating and mostly profound atmosphere. Interwoven within samples and dissonance lurks the heavy side of these overall downtempoed songs: seeming monotony created with drone-based passages, repetitive riffs and as less unnecessary vocals as possible.

We are Kilometer 94 and we make KRACH!

Take the hammer - numb yourself!

Kilometer 94 is: J.H.W. // T.S.P.

Coming soon:

12.12.2020 Kiel, Medusa, YouTube Live Stream
/w Earthbong

Past Shows:

16.10.2019 Kiel, Alte Meierei /w Morne, Teryky